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3D Emoji Stickers on Sheets

Fun, lively, colorful, and exciting emoji stickers that cover every mood imaginable.

From the cool one with sunglasses, to the love-struck, and of course, the crying face. This sheet spans the entire emotional spectrum and is perfect for any event.

Great for kids to express their feelings through a sticker.

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3D Emoji Stickers on Sheets

3D emoji stickers on sheets - real emojis just like the ones you know from your phone.

Use your favorite emojis from your smartphone keyboard to decorate your physical items just as you do with your social media.

With the domed sticker, it adds a cool, lively effect whether on a book, letter, drawing, or gift.

One sheet with 50 stickers. 21 different designs with 2-3 of each motif. Measures 10mm in diameter.

Recommended for children over 3 years.


  • Emoji
  • 21 designs
  • 50 pieces
  • Endless possibilities
  • 10mm diameter

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