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3D Embossed Pins

3D Embossed Pins offer a higher level of relief than a standard pin. The file required for this type of pin is a bit more complex to create, as we need more detailed information from you. Ideally, a 3D file works best. If your pin features multiple levels, you can prepare several files to show us each layer. Additionally, you can enlist the help of one of our graphic designers - graphic assistance for this type of pin typically costs between 1000 and 2000 DKK, excluding VAT. Minimum order of 250 pieces.

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3D Embossed Pins

Here at Badgeland, we craft your logo pin in full relief, which could be anything from a full-figure person, a building, an animal, and so on. If you're looking for a pin that brings your figure to life, then our 3D Embossed Pins are the perfect choice. Unlike flat 2D pins, the 3D layout adds a whole new dimension. Small details become more pronounced, giving you a beautiful and truly unique pin. These pins are typically die-struck in materials such as copper, bronze, iron, or aluminum, depending on the budget or the intricacy of the design. We usually quote the price based on the most commonly used material. Our pins can be produced in various metal alloys with finishes including shiny (gold, silver, nickel, copper, bronze, and black nickel), antique, and satin (matte). With our 3D Embossed Pins, you achieve the same effect as with zinc cast 3D pins. However, the embossed pins are of a higher quality, but consequently, they are more expensive. If you're looking for the 3D effect at a lower price, then the zinc cast pins might be the solution for you. Please note that we require a file designed in a 3D program to produce this type of pin.

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