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Anti-Stress Speech Bubble - Option for Custom Logo

Fun sensory stress ball in the shape of a speech bubble, with the option for logo printing. A simple design that conveys a message.

This stress ball helps alleviate restlessness in the body - Great for ADHD, stress, or anxiety.

Throw or squeeze this stress ball, the only limit is your imagination. 

Dimensions: 8.5x4.5x6.5cm

Minimum order from 100 pieces.

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Anti-Stress Speech Bubble - Option for Custom Logo

Anti-Stress Speech Bubble - Option for Custom Logo Experience a unique way to de-stress with our Anti-Stress Speech Bubble, designed to fit comfortably in your hand. This sensory stress ball is crafted in a distinctive speech bubble shape, offering not just a tool for relaxation but also a conversation starter. The stress ball features a two-tone design with a black base and a white surface, providing a sleek and modern look. On the white surface, there's an opportunity to customize it with your company logo, making it an excellent promotional item for your business. Due to the molding process, there may be remnants along the edges, and slight variations in density, color, and size may occur. Please note that halftones are not possible. Dimensions of the Anti-Stress Speech Bubble are as follows: - Length: 8.5cm - Width: 4.5cm - Height: 6.5cm - Weight: 23 grams Material: PU foam This sensory stress ball is not only easy to squeeze but also perfect for keeping by your keyboard to help relieve stress throughout the day. Customize the speech bubble with your company logo or a quote - it's a perfect way to spread your message. Ideal for workshops or trade shows. It can also be used as a "talking stick" during meetings. The person holding the anti-stress ball in the shape of a speech bubble has the floor to speak, making it a fun and effective way to manage discussions. Good for workshops or trade shows, this product is a creative way to get your message across while providing a practical tool for stress relief.


  • Perfectly sized sensory ball for the backpack
  • Aids in focus
  • Hand exercise for arthritis and pain
  • Suitable for both children and adults

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