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Anti-Stress Delivery Van - Option for Custom Logo

Cool Stress-Relief Delivery Van with Option for Custom Logo. A recognizable design that can serve as a stress ball (or more accurately, a stress van) or as a decorative piece on your desk or in a playroom. Suffering from sore fingers, pain, or arthritis? This stress ball helps alleviate the discomfort. The stress ball also aids in sharpening one's focus when under pressure. **Dimensions: 11x4x5cm**

Minimum order from 100 pieces.

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Anti-Stress Delivery Van - Option for Custom Logo

An anti-stress toy shaped like a delivery van.

The sensory ball is printed in three colors, with the base color of the van being white. The wheels and bumper are black. Windows, grilles, rims, lights, etc., are gray.

There's an option for custom printing of a company logo on the side.

Due to the molding process, there may be remnants along the edges, and the density, color, and size may vary slightly. Halftones are not possible.

The anti-stress speech bubble measures:

  • Length: 11cm
  • Width: 4cm
  • Height: 5cm
  • Weight: 34 grams

Material: PU foam

This sensory ball has a recognizable shape like a normal toy car.

Perfect for mechanics, car dealers, truck drivers.

Great for giveaways and trade shows.

Suitable for both children and adults - many children will likely enjoy the design, while adults can use it as a squeeze ball.

Get your own company logo printed on the side of the van and spread the word about your business across the country.


  • Perfectly sized sensory ball
  • Squeeze away your frustrations
  • Aids in focus
  • Hand exercise for arthritis and pain
  • Suitable for both children and adults

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