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Badge Machine MULTI - Body Including One Size Die Set

This machine is capable of changing dies, allowing for the creation of badges in multiple sizes. 

View our MULTI badge machine catalog here

The price includes one size of die. You can always purchase dies of other sizes and parts at a later date.

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Badge Machine MULTI - Body Including One Size Die Set

The Badge Machine MULTI - Body Including One Size Die Set is our most popular choice because it can make multiple sizes of badges if you purchase additional die sets. With this machine, you can create your own badges, clips, purse mirrors, bottle openers, and magnets. The machine is very easy to use, and it doesn't require much force to make a badge. Even children can participate. **Flexible Machine with Many Possibilities** With a MULTI badge machine, you're not limited to just one size of badges or magnets, but you can easily buy another set of dies, allowing you to use the same machine to make different sizes of badges. Changing a die takes less than 20 seconds, so you can quickly switch from making purse mirrors in size 56mm to making badges in size 32mm. **However, this machine comes with only one die set for making a single size. It also does not include parts or a cutter. If you would prefer a package that includes parts and a punch, you should look here:** >> [Badge Machine Package - Small MULTI](/multi-badgemaskine-lille-pakke.html) >> [Badge Machine Package - Large MULTI](/multi-badgemaskine-stor-pakke.html) [Check out our MULTI badge machine catalog and manual here, and get inspired to make badges: MULTI badge machine catalog](


  • Badge Maker
  • Comes with dies for one size
  • Easy to use

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