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Badges for the Visually Impaired (GERMAN)

A German aid badge designed for use by those with visual impairments. A fine product to make others aware of the visual handicap, enabling them to be more considerate.

Directly translated, the badge reads "visually impaired".

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Badges for the Visually Impaired (GERMAN)

This German-language badge is designed as an aid for the visually impaired while traveling in Germany. Individuals with visual impairments may face challenges navigating public spaces, and a badge marked 'visually impaired' can offer assistance. By making one's challenges visible with a badge, it encourages others to be more considerate. **Check out our selection of badges for people with visual impairments here:** [Visual Impairment Badges](/synshandicap-badges.html)


  • Assistive device for the visually impaired
  • Show people that you need consideration

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