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Recycled Plastic Festival Wristbands - Option for Bamboo Lock

Experience the vibrant hues of our festival wristbands made from recycled plastic. We print them in full color, allowing you to choose any colors you desire at no extra cost.

Opt for one of two different bamboo locks. The bamboo lock itself is sustainable, composed of approximately 90% rapidly growing bamboo. The remainder is plastic, ensuring the festival wristband's functionality of being non-transferable is just as effective as with 100% plastic locks.

For a small additional fee, you can mix and match multiple colors or designs. This is perfect for differentiating between VIP, CREW, and PARTICIPANT wristbands.

All prices shown here include all startup costs such as color cliché and shipping. We guarantee the best price on this product.

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Recycled Plastic Festival Wristbands - Option for Bamboo Lock

Introducing our 15mm RPET event and festival wristbands, crafted from recycled plastic such as old soda bottles. These festival wristbands come with the option of a sustainable bamboo lock.

We offer full-color printing on these wristbands, allowing you to utilize any colors, design elements, and even gradients to your heart's content.

Size: 1.5 cm x 35 cm

Minimum order of 50 pieces.

Download the event wristband template here

Template for wristbands with sublimation printing


  • Sustainable product
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Bamboo clasp
  • Choose any colors you want
  • Option for color gradients

Pricelist include vat