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Blue Christmas Stickers on a Roll, 12 Designs, Merry Christmas, 500 pcs, 25mm

The gift that keeps on giving - 12 different kinds of Christmas stickers on the same roll.

Each sticker features the text ‘Merry Christmas’ written in either gold, bronze, or holographic script.

Elevate your Christmas presents with a sticker - place it on top of the ribbon or next to the "to and from" card.

Includes 500 stickers, each measuring 25mm.

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Blue Christmas Stickers on a Roll, 12 Designs, Merry Christmas, 500 pcs, 25mm

Roll of blue Christmas stickers (25mm) featuring the text ‘Merry Christmas’ in 12 different designs.

This roll includes 500 stickers with a total of 12 different motifs:

 4 motifs with gold lettering, 4 with bronze, and 4 with hologram effects.

There's something for everyone. In addition to the text, the motifs are adorned with stars, reindeer, antlers, Christmas trees, branches, bells, snowflakes, holly, or Christmas baubles.

Make an extra impression on your mother-in-law, grandparents, or friends. 

Place a Christmas sticker on this year's Christmas card or on the invitation to the company Christmas luncheon.

These Christmas stickers are also super stylish to use in stores as sealing stickers on products purchased in December.


Remember, you can also order stickers on a roll with your own design!

We produce stickers on a roll in the shapes, sizes, and colors you desire.
All from round and die-cut stickers to gold and holo effects.
Get beautiful stickers made for your business or organization and create ambassadors.
Order from just 500 pieces.

>> Go to Stickers with your own design


  • Beautiful Christmas stickers
  • Gold - Bronze - Hologram lettering
  • 12 designs
  • Merry Christmas
  • 500 pcs.
  • 25mm

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