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Business Card Magnets

Great for ensuring your message sticks. A magnet and business card in one.

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Business Card Magnets

These foil magnets are made in the classic business card size.

Get a Magnetic Business Card That Stays Saved

Why hand out a plain, boring business card when you can give your partners a fridge magnet that also serves as a business card? A fridge in a typical family household is opened and closed up to 100 times a day, and magnets on the door unconsciously come into focus. So, let your message linger in their subconscious.

We also have the option to print on both sides of the magnetic business card, though this is somewhat more expensive.

We can produce these magnets in several different thicknesses. The thicker a magnet is, the more weight it can hold. However, note that the thicker the magnet, the higher the price as well.

The minimum order is 100 pieces of the same design.

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