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Car Magnet - Small Orders CMYK

Fully printed flexible magnets. We sell from just one piece.

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Car Magnet - Small Orders CMYK

Our digital car magnets are great for small quantities. So, if you need just a few, this type of car magnet is definitely the most cost-effective option.

Enter the desired size for the magnet. A good standard size would be 40x60cm.

This type of magnet is well-suited for cars. We only make straight edges on this type of magnet, so if you need round or custom-shaped car magnets, this product might not be the right choice. We can, for an additional cost, round the corners of your magnets.

REMEMBER: Magnets on cars should be removed regularly to allow the paint underneath the magnet time to breathe. Otherwise, oxidation errors can occur. Remove the magnet by loosening one entire side at a time - Do not rip the magnet off from a corner. Some conditions, like extreme heat or cold, may require you to remove it every day, but otherwise, at a minimum once a week.

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