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Chocolate ice cream cone 3D magnet, 75x40mm

This 3D magnet with a chocolate ice cream cone looks very lifelike and will make your mouth water.

The details of both the waffle and the ice cream give the magnet a realistic look.

Looks great on the fridge and freezer.

Measures 75x40mm

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Chocolate ice cream cone 3D magnet, 75x40mm

Beautiful and detailed 3D magnet with a delicious chocolate ice cream cone.

Hang it on your fridge or freezer as decoration, or use the chocolate ice cream magnet to keep your papers or shopping list in place.

This magnet is also an obvious choice of accessory for an ice cream shop, sweet shop or restaurant, where the realistic ice cream cone will make your customers crave your tasty products.

Produced from resin which gives a high degree of detail to the 3D magnet.

Dimensions: 75x40mm


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  • Realistic ice cream cone
  • Great level of detail
  • 3D magnet
  • For the fridge
  • 75x40mm

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