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Badgeland CSR

At Badgeland, we care about our footprint whether it is the social or environmental footprint we leave in this world. We take care of our staff and have a nice open office space. Also, we ensure best quality desks, chairs, standing mats and equipment for our employees.

In our open office space in Aarhus, Denmark, we have a special sound insulation on our ceiling. The only other place in the world these panels are placed is at the Sydney Opera House. The story behind this has to do with a favour for a friend in the 1990s.

We also take responsibility in regards to training and educating trainees. Therefore we will have trainees at Badgeland from now on. Our staff also receive continuing education within their field of expertise.

In 2018, our premises in Denmark were equipped with solar cells. The cells produce more power than five normal households use per year. This power help our climate pumps produce heat during winter and a cool breeze during summer.

We take a social responsibility and have employed two refugees – one is a regular full-time worker.

The products we do not make in-house are produced in factories where employees are treated well just like our own.

Within our industry, we are a part of the “graphical CSR-codex”. All members try to comply with and further develop this codex:

  1. We support and respect the protection of internationally declared human rights.
  2. We do not violate human rights.
  3. We uphold the freedom of association and effectively recognize the right to united bargaining.
  4. We support the eradication of all forms of forced labour.. 
  5. We support the abolition of child labour.
  6.  We abolish discrimination in relation to work and employment conditions.
  7. We have a cautious approach to environmental challenges.
  8. We help promote greater environmental responsibility. 
  9. We call for the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.
  10. We are against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

We contribute in our local community as well as to voluntary organizations. You can find our extensive sponsor list here: Sponsor list.  

You can read more about our CSR in relation to the environment here: Carbon Footprints