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Custom Sew-On Rubber Patches, Your Own Design

Choose your own design, shape, and size for the rubber patches. We create the patches according to your specifications with up to 7 colors. The flat and smooth rubber back makes them perfect for sewing onto clothing, bags, and other textiles. Add exclusive details and depth to fashion garments or uniforms with a custom-made rubber patch. [Contact us today](, if you have any questions or if you're interested in rubber patches with a Velcro back.

Minimum order of 100 pieces.

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Custom Sew-On Rubber Patches, Your Own Design

Get custom rubber patches sewn onto your clothing with your own design. We create the rubber patches according to your specifications, featuring your logo or design in up to seven colors. You choose the size and shape of the patches. Rubber patches can be used to add details to clothing and bags, as well as a tactile element that stands out from the crowd. They are perfect for adding a cool touch to fashion wear, outdoor clothing, etc. For this product, the rubber patches have a smooth, flat rubber back suitable for sewing onto clothes and uniforms, but patches can also be obtained with other types of backs: - Velcro back - So the patch can be removed and replaced - Adhesive back - The patch is glued onto the clothing [Contact us today](, if you want to learn more about the possibilities of creating rubber patches.


  • Your design as a rubber badge
  • Choose up to 7 colors
  • Smooth back for sewing
  • Order from 100 pieces.

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