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Embossed Pins with Soft Enamel - Metal Alloys

Available in various metal alloys, shown here in imitation silver. The price includes the die mold and setup!

First, you select the maximum size, which determines the correct price for you. Then, you specify the actual size, for example, 17x25mm.

The minimum quantity we produce is 100 pieces.

The minimum order is 100 pieces. Unfortunately, we cannot produce smaller quantities as the mold for embossing is expensive to create.

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Embossed Pins with Soft Enamel - Metal Alloys

Embossed pins made with metal alloys and soft enamel. The soft enamel sets itself apart from hard enamel by settling deeply into the embossing. Whereas hard enamel appears completely flat on the surface, soft enamel has a recess in all the areas where color is applied.

Don't worry, we ALWAYS send you a proof. We make sure that the fine details in your design are feasible, and if not, we will suggest changes that make it possible to create your design. The price includes graphic proof, shipping, and tools.


  • Stunning enamel pins
  • Exclusive look
  • Lasts for decades
  • Sustainable in terms of lifespan

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