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Durian Fruit, 3D Fridge Magnet, 62x40mm

Here is the most stunning 3D fridge magnet you've ever seen! This durian fruit magnet is highly detailed and looks just like a real durian. Keeps your papers in place and beautifully decorates your kitchen. Measures 62x40mm

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Durian Fruit, 3D Fridge Magnet, 62x40mm

3D fridge magnet featuring a durian fruit.

This durian magnet is truly stunning and detailed with its spiky shell and soft, golden flesh.

The perfect decoration for a restaurant, grocery store, or food stall, guaranteed to make your customers' mouths water.

Hang it on the fridge or a magnetic board to keep your papers and notes in place.

Made of resin - Dimensions: 62x40mm


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  • Stunning details
  • 3D magnet
  • Incredibly lifelike
  • Made of resin
  • 62x40mm

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