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Eco-Tokens - Made from Starch

These eco-friendly tokens are made from starch. We will send you an email with the various design options once we have received your order.

Unfortunately, the minimum order is 1000 pieces. Ordering 3000 pieces doesn't cost much more in total.

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Eco-Tokens - Made from Starch

Eco-Tokens are 100% biodegradable and represent the most environmentally friendly option in our selection of tokens and poker chips. They are made entirely from a starch-based bioplastic, produced from potato peels collected at French fry manufacturers.

Perfect for Outdoor Festivals and Events

Eco-Tokens are ideal for outdoor events, as they will decompose when exposed to rain, UV rays, oxygen, and bacteria. - But don't worry, they only start to decompose when exposed to all four factors. During decomposition, the tokens dissolve into CO2, water, and biomass (which is beneficial for plant growth).


Your design can be embossed on one or both sides of the surface.

Available in 8 eco colors, and 5 different sizes.

The minimum order quantity is only 1000 pieces.



  • Available in 8 different colors (eco-look)
  • Quick natural decomposition
  • Minimum order just 1000 pcs.

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