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Egg Carton 3D Magnet for Fridge, 45x45mm

Stunning fridge magnet featuring a 3D egg carton.

The egg carton boasts intricate details with tiny eggs, including one egg that is cracked open to reveal the yolk inside.

3D magnets are a huge hit among children.

Measures 45x45mm

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Egg Carton 3D Magnet for Fridge, 45x45mm

Beautiful and detailed egg carton 3D magnet for the fridge.

This magnet is not only visually appealing but also pleasant to touch, with its fine 3D details.

Place it on the fridge or use it as a charming decoration in a restaurant or bakery, where it will add a cozy atmosphere.

3D magnets provide an easy extra wow factor, especially for children, making them a simple way for businesses to be remembered.


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  • Beautiful 3D magnet
  • Looks great on the fridge
  • Popular with kids
  • 45x45mm

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