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Balloons with logo - Standard colors

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Folketingsvalgs badges
Starting at €0.30
Kandidat badges - stem på mig badges
Shhy vil du vide en hemmelighed? Af alle de kandidater der igennem de sidste 15 år har lavet badges ...
Starting at €1.00
Folketingsvalgs klistermærker
Klistermærker med partiet, kandidater eller valgløfter på ark eller på rulle. 
Starting at €0.30
Stofmærker til valgkamp
Få lavet flotte stofmærker med eget motiv. Få medlemmer til at sy det på tasken eller tøjet og få en...
Starting at €1.00
Vindmølle til valgkamp
Flotte vindmøller til at dele ud under valgkampen. Flot måde at vise at man støtter den grønne omsti...
Starting at €1.00
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Political parties and candidates can use promotional products with their party logo and candidate name to effectively spread their message and brand to a wide audience.

Badges, stickers, and pins are small and portable, making them easy to distribute at events or through the mail. They can be worn by supporters to show their allegiance and attract the attention of others, leading to valuable word-of-mouth advertising.

Balloons are another promotional product that can be used to great effect at events. They are eye-catching and can be branded with the party logo and candidate name. They can be used to decorate event spaces and create a festive atmosphere, making them a memorable and effective way to promote a political party or candidate.

Promotional products such as these are a cost-effective way for political parties and candidates to get their message out there. They can be ordered in bulk, making it easy to get a large quantity at a low cost. They also have a long shelf life, meaning they can be used in multiple campaigns and at various events.

In conclusion, promotional products with party logos and candidate names are a valuable tool for political parties and candidates looking to spread their message and increase their visibility. They are cost-effective, portable, and have a long shelf life, making them an excellent choice for promoting a political party or candidate.