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Environmental impact

The degree of environmental impact by our products is hard to calculate, which is why we are very cautious of using the term "Green". Raw materials often have to travel around the world many times prior to ending up as the finished product that you buy from us. We strive to shorten this journey as much as possible.

We  favour the concept of a Carbon Tax on a Global level, as inspired by a group of the world's leading economists. A Carbon Tax would show, through the pricing of products, the level of  environmental impact the products have had on the climate, and the more environmentally friendly products will be the most economical option.

Until a tax system such as this can be implemented globally, we advise you, as the consumer, to pay attention to the complexity of products. A product may seem as the best environmental choice in the short term, but due to lack of quality and durability it may actually be a poor choice in the long run. For instance, if you buy a high quality enamel pin, then it may have a larger imprint in the short term, than a sticker for clothing. However, the sticker will only last a few days, whereas the enamel pin will last for years and and years of use. So in reality the pin's durability makes it a 

 If you buy a good quality enamel pin is has a higher climate footprint in the short term than, for example. a sticker for clothes. But if you add into the equation how an enamel pin may be used several times over the years, while the sticker is thrown out after a few days, then the case is quite different.

The same is true in the case of a regular old-fashioned badge and one of our eco badges. Ecobadges are made of cardboard and won't handle rain or repeated use well, which is why the old-fashioned badge quickly outrun the eco-friendly alternative and wins by several lengths. It just stands the test of time that much better.

At Badgeland we always recommend quality - It usually wins in the long run.

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