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EU Flag Enamel Pin

The EU Flag Enamel Pin symbolizes unity and community among the European peoples.

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EU Flag Enamel Pin

This EU flag enamel pin features blue enamel with the 12 five-pointed stars. It is coated with a clear epoxy that protects the surface and provides a smooth and shiny finish. This pin is secured with a classic butterfly clasp on the back.

The Flag of Europe

The flag, which today is best known as the symbol of the EU, was originally created by the Council of Europe in 1955, which still uses the flag today. The EU has been using the flag since 1986. The 12 golden stars on a blue background symbolize the unity of the European peoples. The Council of Europe's official symbolic meaning (from 1955) states that the twelve stars against the blue sky of the Western world represent the European peoples in a circle - a symbol of unity and completeness. The number 12 is a symbol of completeness and perfection and carries no political overtones. Thus, the twelve stars do not represent the 12 countries that the EU consisted of in 1986 when the flag was adopted by the EU.

With an EU flag enamel pin, you can show that you are part of European unity.

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