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Foam stickers with mixed children, 18 pcs

The pack contains 18 foam stickers of boys and girls with different looks. Each child comes in 3 copies and you get the same number of both sexes.

Nice as a decoration on the children's creative projects at home, or as a visual marking of the children's room in the kindergarten or after-school.

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Foam stickers with mixed children, 18 pcs

Pack of mixed foam stickers with children.

The package contains a total of 18 pieces. foam stickers with motifs of 3 different girls and 3 different boys. There are 3 copies of each child.

The children have different hair colors and skin tones so most can find someone who looks like them.

Foam stickers can be used for many different purposes, e.g. as decoration on collages and pictures.


  • For creative projects
  • Fun for children
  • Both boys and girls
  • Pack of 18 pcs.

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