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Fridge magnet, cutting board with fresh tomatoes, 3D magnet, 70x42mm

Are you looking for the perfect fridge magnet to hold the menu from the local pizzeria? This 3D magnet is for you.

The lifelike magnet has nice details and can be used both on the fridge and notice board, but also for the children's room.

The 3D effect makes you want to touch the magnet.

Suitable for restaurants as well as miniature cooking or dollhouses.

Measures 70x42mm

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Fridge magnet, cutting board with fresh tomatoes, 3D magnet, 70x42mm

Beautiful and detailed fridge magnet with fresh tomatoes on a cutting board.

The perfect form of decoration for restaurants, cafes etc. with an emphasis on good food.

Give the small cutting board as a gift to the chef or food lover.

The strong magnet holds both papers, drawings and invitations securely in place.

The 3D effect makes these food magnets very lifelike, and a popular choice for the kitchen.

Made of resin - Dimensions: 70x42mm


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  • Fridge magnet
  • Resin magnet
  • Miniature cooking
  • 3D effect
  • 70x42mm

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