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Georgian flag enamel pin

Flag pin with Georgia's national flag. The flag returned to its status as Georgia’s national flag in 2004 after a 500 year long break. Show your affiliation or support for Georgia through this pin.

The pin is made of enamel and coated with epoxy, which has a nice finish. The pin works well on clothes or bags. 19x16mm.

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Georgian flag enamel pin

This flag officially became the national flag of Georgia again during the Rose Revolution of 2004. The flag has not been viewed as the national flag in 500 years, after prior use in the Middle Ages by the kingdom of Georgia. The flag has a white background and consists of a large red cross and four small red St. George's crosses. The white color stands for the hope of the future, where the red color is the national color of the country. The flag symbolizes that Saint George is the patron saint of Georgia.

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