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German Flag Enamel Pin

The German tricolor as an enamel pin in the colors black, red, and gold (in German: Schwarz-Rot-Gold).

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German Flag Enamel Pin

The German Flag Enamel Pin is a classic tri-color flag pin, featuring horizontal stripes in enamel colors (from top to bottom): black, red, and gold (a dark yellow-golden color. The gold color is referred to in German as "gold"). The edges are imitation gold, and the surface has been given an epoxy protection, which also provides a beautiful glossy effect.

The German Flag

The German flag, in German Flagge Deutschlands, was introduced in the mid-19th century and, due to a somewhat turbulent German history, has only intermittently been the national flag over the next 100 years. After World War II, the flag once again became the national flag, and from 1949-1959, it was the national flag for both East Germany and West Germany. From 1959-1990, the East German flag featured a coat of arms, but when the Wall fell in 1990, the flag, as we know it today, once again became the national flag for the entire Federal Republic of Germany.

Wear an enamel pin with the German flag on your lapel to show your close connection with the German people.

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