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Gummy bears with print - With custom shape

Gummy candies in the shape of our logo or your own design. Small gummy bags with your full-color CMYK imprint on the outside of the bag. The gummies are made in a custom mold according to your preferences and dimensions (maximum size 15x15mm).

The product is produced in a climate-neutral manner and packaged in Germany. Option for choosing compostable bags is available. Contact us to learn more about how we can custom-produce gummy candies with your logo.

Order from 35.100 pcs.

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Gummy bears with print - With custom shape

Gummies in the shape of your company's logo or trademark - A truly well-executed promotional item that enhances the quality of your brand.

Small 10g gummy bags with your own logo imprint or branding on the bags, and gummies in a customizable shape.

Perfect for distribution at trade shows and events, an item like this will leave an impression on potential customers as well as partners. Option for compostable bags available. The product is produced in a climate-neutral manner and packaged in Germany.

We also print your logo or design on the bags in full-color CMYK, with unlimited colors and gradients.

Gummies with custom shapes, here's how you do it:

  1. Upload your logo or design to us.
  2. We will create a sketch drawing of the logo for the mold.
  3. Once the sketch is approved by you, we will create the mold.
  4. The gummies will be cast in your unique shape and design.



The delivery time is approximately 7-9 weeks after the approved proof.

  • Ink: Full-color CMYK
  • Packaging: White or transparent foil bags
  • Shelf Life: 12 months; compostable foil: 6 months
  • Weight: 10g per bag
  • Maximum Size of Gummy: 15 x 15 mm
  • Bag Size: 70 x 84 mm
  • Fruit Juice Content: 10%
  • Delivery Package: 450 pieces per carton, 4 cartons per shipping carton
  • Delivery Time: Approximately 7-9 weeks after approved proof.


  • Gummy candies shaped like our logo
  • full-color CMYK printing
  • 10% fruit juice
  • option for compostable foil
  • packaged in Germany.

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