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Handmade stickers 25mm, roll of 500 pcs.

Brown kraft paper stickers on a roll.

Good for marking handmade products and gifts.

The roll contains 500 pieces. stickers with the text "Handmade especially for you"

Each tag measures 25mm.

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Handmade stickers 25mm, roll of 500 pcs.

Stickers on a roll with the text "Handmade especially for you".

These stickers come on a handy roll of 500 pcs.

Mark your handmade and homemade products with a small sticker made of brown kraft paper so they get the attention they deserve.

The tag can be used to indicate that a gift is homemade, but also made especially for the recipient of the gift.

A very simple, but still detailed design - that gets the message across.

Each sticker measures 25mm.


Remember, you can also buy stickers on rolls with your own motif!

We produce stickers on rolls with the shapes, sizes and colors you want.
From round and cut-to-shape stickers to gold and holo effect.
Get custom stickers made for your company or club and create ambassadors.
Order from just 500 pcs.

>> Go to Stickers with your own motif


  • For handmade products
  • Made of kraft paper
  • On a roll
  • 500 pcs.
  • 25mm

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