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Housecat 3D magnet, gray striped cat - 45x40mm

Cute cat magnet with the finest bow tie around the neck, sweet smile and the cutest paws.

Leave it strut around on your fridge or notice board.

Do you love kittens? We have several types of fridge magnets in cat designs.

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Housecat 3D magnet, gray striped cat - 45x40mm

Nice 3D magnet with the common domestic cat, Europé, also known as the domestic cat descended from the wild cat.

Is this what your family cat looks like at home? Show it with this fridge magnet!

Gentle, friendly and beautiful - you can feel its warm personality radiating through this resin magnet.

We sell several types of cat magnets - complete your entire cat collection by adding the remaining ones to the shopping cart!


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  • 3D magnet
  • Nice on the fridge
  • Made of resin
  • 45x40mm

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