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Hard Enamel Pin (Imitation)

This type offers a beautifully uniform surface right at the top of your pin, unlike a soft enamel pin. The price includes the die mold and setup!

First, you choose the maximum size, which determines the right price for you. Then, you specify the actual size, for example, 17x25mm

The minimum quantity we produce is 100 pieces

The minimum order is 100 pieces. Unfortunately, we cannot produce smaller quantities as the mold is expensive to create.

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Hard Enamel Pin (Imitation)

The minimum order is 100 pieces.

This hard enamel pin is designed to mimic the oldest and most expensive type, namely Cloisonné pins, which are considered jewelry-quality pins. However, since genuine Cloisonné can be quite costly, this type has been developed as a more affordable alternative, commonly referred to simply as a hard enamel pin.

What makes hard enamel special?

With hard enamel pins, the colors fill right to the top of the metal, creating a smooth, flat surface on your pin, unlike soft enamel pins where the colors settle at the bottom and along the edges.

Hard enamel pin

Pin Sizes from Badgeland / Stickerland on Vimeo.


  • Beautiful smooth surface
  • No dips in the color
  • Various alloys e.g.
  • gold
  • Numerous backside mountings

Pricelist include vat