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Italian Flag Enamel Pin

The flag is often referred to in Italian as Il Tricolore, meaning three colors.

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Italian Flag Enamel Pin

The Italian flag enamel pin features the classic three colors: green, red, and white. A clear epoxy is applied to the surface of this pin, giving it an extra glossy finish. The pin is easily attached to clothing with a traditional pin closure on the back.

The Italian Flag - Il Tricolore

The Italian flag, Bandiera d'Italia, consists of three equally wide stripes in green, white, and red (in that order from left to right). Historically, the flag has its roots in the flag that Napoleon brought to the country in 1797. The flag's current form has been in use since 1946 and was officially adopted on January 1, 1948. The flag is often called Il Tricolore, which translates to "Three Colors".

The Italian flag as a pin is a stock item.

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