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Custom Reflective Keychain - with Your Logo!

Stand out in traffic! This keychain is available in four different colors - with the option to add your own logo on the side. 

Simple design, great size, and beautiful colors. The reflector comes with both a ring and a carabiner at the end - easy to attach to a bag or jacket.

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Custom Reflective Keychain - with Your Logo!

This reflective keychain is a perfect fit for your bag, keys, or jacket. Its compact design means it can easily be carried in a pocket or attached to a bag without getting caught on anything.

Available in five different colors - yellow, pink, blue, red, or black. Please contact us if you're interested in a completely different color.

You also have the option to have your own logo or design printed on one side of the keychain, offering a large decoration area for your logo placement.

It's an excellent item to distribute at trade shows, giveaways, or to promote safety in traffic.

Make yourself visible with this reflector before you hop on your bike - or attach it to your key bundle to easily find your keys in the morning.

The reflective keychain features both a ring and a carabiner clip at the end, making it easy to attach keys, other pendants, or to clip onto the side of a bag.

The design is printed on the reflector using pad printing.


  • Make yourself seen in traffic
  • Four different colors
  • Print your own logo on the side
  • Perfect size keyring

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