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Kraft Paper Labels on a Roll, 3 Designs, 250 pcs, 50x30mm

Elegant labels made of kraft paper in 3 distinct designs.

Kraft paper labels add a rustic and natural look to your products or gifts.

Use them as self-adhesive tags for everything from home-canned goods from the kitchen, home-brewed spirits, to gift tags. 

The roll contains 250 labels, each measuring approximately 50x30mm.

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Kraft Paper Labels on a Roll, 3 Designs, 250 pcs, 50x30mm

Kraft Paper Labels on a Roll, 3 Designs, 250 pcs, 50x30mm Rustic kraft paper labels on a roll featuring 3 different designs. This roll contains 250 kraft paper labels measuring 50x30mm. The self-adhesive labels can be used in various ways and are great to have around the home for organizing and labeling jars, glasses, boxes, folders, and as to-and-from cards for gifts. The rustic look is also excellently suited for use by both small and large businesses for labeling products that are, for example, handmade, unique, sustainable, etc. A versatile product with endless possibilities. Remember, you can also order custom-designed stickers on a roll! We produce stickers on a roll in the shapes, sizes, and colors you desire. From round and die-cut stickers to gold and holographic effects. Get beautiful stickers made for your business or organization and create ambassadors. Order from just 500 pieces. >> Go to Stickers with Your Own Design


  • Rustic tags
  • Self-adhesive labels
  • 3 different kinds
  • 250 pcs.
  • 50x30mm

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