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Matte Badges

Stunning matte badges. Perfect for television appearances and in bright sunlight.

Matte badges become more affordable the more you order and the longer you can wait for them.

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Matte Badges

Our Matte Badges are superb for television appearances or in other situations where they're exposed to a lot of light, such as outdoors in the sun. The matte finish acts as an anti-reflective surface, reflecting much less light back, making the design much easier to see. The matte surface also gives both the badge and its design a more exclusive appearance. **Durable Matte Badges** The matte effect is achieved by applying a matte lamination to the surface. This lamination is nearly as tough as the mylar/surface on our standard badges. Therefore, our Matte Badges can also withstand repeated use, or a trip out in the rain. *The size of our Matte Badges may vary slightly (1-2mm) as we use several different machines. Depending on the quantity and your deadline, we switch machines so you get them at the best price and right on your deadline.* **A minimum order of 10 pieces is required for this type.** [Trustpilot](

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  • Stunning in sunlight
  • Visible on film and TV
  • Perfect for campaigns
  • No glare

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