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Multi-Colored Confetti Cannon 30cm (Eco-Friendly Confetti)

Bring a burst of color to any celebration with our Multi-Colored Confetti Cannon, filled with eco-friendly, multi-colored confetti made from biodegradable tissue paper. A perfect addition to New Year's Eve, birthdays, graduation parties, and much more. Length: 30cm.

Simply twist the bottom and launch a cloud of confetti.

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Multi-Colored Confetti Cannon 30cm (Eco-Friendly Confetti)

Colorful confetti cannon with biodegradable confetti made from tissue paper.

Ring in the New Year in style with this multi-colored confetti cannon. The confetti is flame-resistant, so you can safely fire the cannon at the dinner table without burning the house down.

The confetti cannon operates on a compressed air mechanism and is easy to use: simply twist the bottom and watch a fireworks display of multi-colored paper confetti shoot out.

Liven up any party or festive occasion with a burst of colorful confetti - perfect for birthdays, bachelorette parties, graduation celebrations, and much more.

Using tissue paper for confetti makes this product a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic confetti.

The tube measures 30 cm.


  • Multicolored confetti
  • Eco-friendly alternative
  • Classic party item
  • 30cm

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