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Neon Badges

Truly vibrant neon badges. We print directly onto neon material. So, everything you don't cover with a color (black works best) will be in the neon color you've chosen.

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Neon Badges

Neon Badges are exceptionally effective for purposes where creating extra attention is desired. For instance, they are ideal for signaling that one is visually impaired, has autism, or in other situations where there might be a need for additional consideration. **Neon Badges in a Variety of Colors** We print on neon-colored paper, and therefore, we recommend that the design be printed in black. Otherwise, the printed color might blend with the neon color it's printed on, leading to some odd color outcomes. Currently, we have neon paper in the following colors: neon green, neon yellow, neon orange, neon pink, and neon red.

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