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A4 Notebook - Custom Printed

Available in 5 different colors. Notebook with your own logo on the front. The perfect size and great for carrying in your bag. 

Hardcase notebook with a faux leather cover, silk ribbon bookmark, and an elastic band closure. Comes with a Journalbooks cover.

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A4 Notebook - Custom Printed

A4 Notebook - Custom Printed This notebook is available in one size. It can be customized with your own print and logo on the front (Pad printing). It is crafted with a hard surface to ensure the notebook remains sturdy. The cover is made from a piece of cardboard, over which a layer of synthetic leather is applied. This synthetic leather layer is available in various colors. The notebook features an elastic band to keep it closed, as well as a silk ribbon inside to serve as a bookmark. It also comes equipped with a pocket on the back for storing notes, letters, and other small papers. This journal book includes a gift box. There are 80 lined pages per book with lined paper. The notebook is designed for thoughts, notes, important tasks, or anything else that needs to be organized during work hours. Dimensions: - Length: 29.80 cm - Width: 20.90 cm - Height: 1.50 cm - Weight: 591 grams We also sell notebooks in A5 and A6 sizes, however, these come with PVC covers and without the pocket at the back of the book. Buy A5 or A6 notebook here!


  • Multiple colors
  • A4 size
  • Custom design
  • Great for trade shows and giveaways
  • Jot down your thoughts

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