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Pack of 2cm Smiley Magnets - 3 Sheets per Pack

3 full sheets, each with 32 smiley magnets. One sheet of each of the three colors: green happy, yellow neutral, and red sad magnets.

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Pack of 2cm Smiley Magnets - 3 Sheets per Pack

This pack contains 3 different sheets: happy green smiley magnets, yellow neutral magnets, and red grumpy magnets. There are 32 magnets on each sheet. They just need to be popped out of the sheet.

Remember, the price is for 3 x full sheets. For example, 1 set would be 3x32 smiley magnets = A total of 96 magnets spread across the three colors.

So, if you put 10 in your cart, that's 10 x sheets of each color. That means 30 sheets in total. 

The magnets are 20mm in diameter and are thin foil magnets, which don't hold much more than their own weight.

Smiley Pack with Many Possibilities

Our Smiley Magnets are a popular tool for Lean management and can be used to track various functions, tasks, and solutions. This type is also popular in schools, where they are used in connection with teaching.


  • A pack = 3 x 32pcs magnets:
  • 32pcs green happy smileys
  • 32pcs yellow neutral smileys
  • 32pcs red sad smileys
  • Each magnet measures 20mm in diameter
  • Thickness 0.9mm
  • They can hold their own weight + 1-2 A4 sheets

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