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Printed Pins - Custom Shape (Full-Color Offset Printing)

Photo detail pins are perfect for logos with multiple colors and intricate details.

Minimum order: 100 pieces.

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Printed Pins - Custom Shape (Full-Color Offset Printing)

Printed Pins - Custom Shape (Full-Color Offset Printing) Offset printed pins allow for an endless array of colors and photographic details. This type of pin enables your logo to extend right to the edge of the pin, eliminating the traditional metal border. The colors used for these photo detail pins do not need to be separated by a metal edge, allowing your logo to be printed in photo quality on the pin. This type of pin is ideal if your design is complex and detailed. For this kind of pin, we recommend adding a layer of epoxy over the logo, ensuring the best result and that your colors remain vibrant and do not crack over time. The technique used for these pins is called offset printing, or in Danish, overførselstryk. The entire motif is printed on a rubber plate before being transferred to the die-cut pin. The advantage of offset printing is that it allows for many colors in the motif and the use of gradients. In contrast, all colors in the type known as silkscreen printed pins must be applied one at a time. Therefore, this other type of pin is more expensive in small quantities. Minimum order of 100 pieces.

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