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Silkscreen Printed Pins - Serigraphy

Silkscreen printed pins can transfer precise and small details from your logo.

The minimum order is 50 pieces. However, ordering 100 or 250 pieces almost comes to the same total cost.

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Silkscreen Printed Pins - Serigraphy

Silkscreen printed pins can replicate precise details from your logo. We can match any Pantone color, and it's possible to extend colors right to the edge, eliminating the need for the traditional metal border. With this type of printing, there's no need for metal borders between colors, allowing us to print much more detailed logos. Each color is printed individually onto your pin and dried. This technique enables us to make some of your colors glow in the dark. For this product, we recommend a layer of epoxy over your logo to ensure the durability of the colors.

What's special about this type of pin is that you can use Pantone colors. You can also incorporate fine details.

To upload your logo, your document must be a vector file. If you don't have a vector file, we can assist, but this will incur a design fee.

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