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Die struck soft enamel pins
Starting at €0.52
Hard enamel
Starting at €0.65
Runde standard størrelser trykte pins (Offsettryk)
Disse færdig definerede runde størrelser. Billigste pins. Minsta produktion 100 st.
Starting at €0.50
Photo detail pins (offset printed)
The photo detail pins are great for logos with many colors and details.
Starting at €0.50
Imitation hard enamel pin +printed
Starting at €0.60
3D pins cast zinc Alloy
Starting at €0.40
Stamped metal without coloring
Starting at €0.50
Label pin long needle
Starting at €0.20
3D pins stamped
Starting at €0.40
Die cast zinc alloy
Starting at €0.30
Silkscreen printed pins
Silkscreen printed pins can duplicate exact detalis from your logo.
Starting at €0.04
Photo etched soft enamel pins
The photo etched technique allows a thinner and lighter base which makes your pin light to wear.
Starting at €0.70
Soft PVC pin badge
Starting at €0.04
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