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Exclusive Cloisonné Pins

The Exclusive Cloisonné Pins possess a jewelry-like quality that will draw attention to your brand.

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Exclusive Cloisonné Pins

The exclusive pins, also known as cloisonné or hard enamel pins, have always been associated with prestige and were originally used as jewelry by kings and pharaohs. Our Cloisonné pins are our most expensive and extravagant option. These pins are stamped from copper and the colors, which are in powder form, are applied one at a time. They are then fired at temperatures of up to 800 degrees. The technique is time-consuming, but it ensures that the product has a beautiful and durable appearance, with colors that can last for many years. If you need a pin of the highest quality with long-lasting durability, then our exclusive pins are the right choice for you.

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