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Set of 100 Purple Game Pieces
Transform your game nights with our Set of 100 Purple Game Pieces! These chic RE-Wood pieces are ma...
Starting at €7.01
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Set of 100 Red Game Pieces
These pieces aren't just red; they're so red that even ketchup would be green with envy! Made from 1...
Starting at €7.01
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Set of 100 Green Game Pieces
These pieces aren't just green; they're greener than the grass on your neighbor Peter's lawn! Made w...
Starting at €7.01
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Set of 100 Blue Game Pieces
These pieces aren't just blue; they're bluer than a cloudless summer sky! Created with quality and t...
Starting at €7.01
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Set of 100 Yellow Game Pieces
These pieces aren't just yellow; they're sunshine yellow, ready to bring warmth and joy to your game...
Starting at €7.01
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Set of 100 Natural Game Pieces
These pieces are more than just game tokens; they are a connection to the beauty that nature has to ...
Starting at €7.01
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Euro Bill Play Money Small Set
These realistic play money bills are not just a fun way to learn about the value of money; they also...
Starting at €2.65
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Euro Coins Small Set
Euro Coins Small Set This set not only includes 50 coins in their original sizes, but they are also...
Starting at €3.32
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EURO Magnetic Money Clips
Explore a world of numbers, billing, and economics with this innovative set made from MAG-Paper. Ea...
Starting at €44.45
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SOMA Cube in 7 Colors - Learn About Geometry
Play and learn about geometry with a SOMA Cube. This cube consists of colored blocks in various shap...
Starting at €5.30
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Play Money Euro Bills and Coins
Learn about money and budgeting with this fantastic set of play money featuring both various banknot...
Starting at €3.78
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Number Set with Balls 1-10
Teach children about mathematical principles with an educational number set featuring balls. The set...
Starting at €8.36
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14-Piece Wooden Geometric Shapes
Set of geometric shapes and figures made from 100% recycled wood RE-Wood®. Includes 14 different sha...
Starting at €16.51
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Large Magnetic Whiteboard Ruler, 100cm, RE-Plastic
A large magnetic whiteboard ruler measuring 1m, featuring the classic red/white design familiar from...
Starting at €15.07
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Fraction Calculation Set, 71 Pieces, MAG-Paper
Fraction Calculation Set with 71 magnetic pieces in 10 colors. Use this set to make math and fractio...
Starting at €56.26
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180° Magnetic Angle Measurer, 50cm - Sustainable RE-Wood from Badgeland
Large board angle measurer made from the sustainable and organic material Re-Wood®.This angle measur...
Starting at €11.95
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Fiberglass Pointer Stick, 100cm
This pointer stick is made of fiberglass and measures 100cm.Both the handle and the tip are crafted ...
Starting at €6.01
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Compass with Magnetic Base - Sustainable RE-Plastic from Badgeland
A large compass suitable for chalk and whiteboard markers ranging in size from 6-18mm.It features a ...
Starting at €25.83
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Teaching Clock for Kids - Learn to Tell Time (Best Value)
Use this clock for teaching children how to tell time. When adjusted from the back, the hands move s...
Starting at €2.35
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Teaching Clock for Kids - Learn to Tell Time (Classic)
A classic clock for children learning to tell time. This teaching clock provides kids with a tangibl...
Starting at €7.49
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Large Chalkboard Protractor 180°, Magnetic, 50cm - RE-Plastic
A great, large protractor with a magnetic strip on the back - Perfect for hanging on the board.Manuf...
Starting at €6.77
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Weight and Volume Playset - Learn About the Differences in Units of Measurement, RE-Plastic
Use this set to compare the volume and weight of different materials. The set includes 9 empty cubes...
Starting at €109.19
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Large Triangular Chalkboard Ruler, 60°, Magnetic, 60cm
A high-quality, large 60-degree triangle for the chalkboard, featuring centimeter measurements on al...
Starting at €14.06
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Large Magnetic Chalkboard Triangle Ruler, 45°, 50cm
This chalkboard triangle ruler is crafted from the sustainable and recyclable material RE-Plastic®.I...
Starting at €12.68
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Teaching Clock with Stand - Learn to Tell Time (Large and Durable)
This clock is the largest teaching clock in our range, measuring 27 cm in diameter. It has the advan...
Starting at €15.35
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Large Magnetic Ruler for Whiteboards, 100cm - Sustainable RE-Wood by Badgeland
This ruler is crafted from sustainable RE-Wood with a magnetic strip on the back. It features measur...
Starting at €13.77
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Set of Small Clocks (10 pcs.) - Read and Write the Time
Learn to tell the time with this set featuring 10 small clocks on foil sheets. Includes a field wher...
Starting at €17.37
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2-in-1 Playset - Play and Learn About Fractions and Telling Time
Play and learn about telling time and fractions with this 2-in-1 playset. The set includes 2 round p...
Starting at €19.92
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Tangram Set - Pieces for Creating Beautiful Shapes (28 Pieces, 4 Colors)
This set includes 28 pieces for crafting figures, featuring 4 distinct colors (red, yellow, green, b...
Starting at €3.00
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Geometric Tile Set 250 Pieces - Play and Learn About Shapes and Patterns (RE-Wood)
Geometric tile set for kids - Piece them together to create new shapes and stunning geometric patter...
Starting at €15.00
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Natural Color Blocks 2x2x2 cm
150 natural color blocks. Encourage your child to stack, arrange, and build with them. Perfect for c...
Starting at €20.64
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Sustainable Goals Spinner 15x15 cm
A charming little spinboard featuring the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Use the spinner to kic...
Starting at €6.59
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Large Parabolic Sine Cosine Tangent Ruler, 50 cm, Magnetic
Parabolic ruler for drawing sine, cosine, and tangent curves. Made from clear 2.5mm plastic with a m...
Starting at €29.72
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Foldable Magnifying Glass
Practical foldable magnifying glass - A 10x magnifier that easily folds up. Equipped with a glass le...
Starting at €4.82
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Mini Easel with Chalkboard and Chalk
This charming mini easel is crafted from wood and features a chalkboard, with chalk included. It off...
Starting at €2.99
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Hippopotamus Piggy Bank with Bottom Lid
This adorable hippopotamus piggy bank is a fun and practical addition to gather all your loose chang...
Starting at €1.47
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re-wood Hele vores Leg og Lær kategori er med lækre gammeldages undervisnings redskaber som man kender dem fra folkeskolen i de gode gamle dage. Produkterne er nu i genbrugt plast (RE-PLASTIC) og genbrugt træ (RE-WOOD) så samme gode produkter bare i nye versioner.

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