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Reflective Charms

We create charms made of reflective material in all shapes and sizes. If you wish to customize your own shape and size, the minimum order is 500 pieces.

We recommend sublimation printing. In this process, we print your design and then cover it with reflective foil. Your design might lose a bit of its print clarity, but the charm will retain its full reflective power.
If you desire a fully EU-approved reflective charm, then you should opt for our sublimation printing.

Minimum order is 100 pieces.

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Reflective Charms

Reflective Charms Due to the prevalence of imitation materials from China, both of our materials feature watermarks within the material itself. This watermark, which is a small mark that is only repeated a few times on smaller charms, is to assure consumers that they are purchasing an approved reflective product. Our reflectors boast over 7,000 micro reflective prisms per square centimeter!


  • Approved reflective material
  • CE approved
  • EN 13356 type 2 approved

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