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Reusable coffee cup with logo - 350 ml (silicone grip)

Beautiful reusable coffee mug with logo print - Holds 350 ml.

The cup is double walled and reusable, with a practical screw-on lid and silicone grip. The design is similar to what you see in coffee shops.

This makes the mug easy to hold and good for protecting your hands from the hot drink.
Perfect for taking on the go, e.g. in the car. Available in eight different colors.

Minimum order 50 pcs.

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Reusable coffee cup with logo - 350 ml (silicone grip)

Reusable coffee cup with logo, ready to take with you on the go. Holds 350 ml. liquid and has a nice silicone grip, which makes the cup easy to carry around.

The coffee mug is double-walled and can withstands hot drinks with a secure screw lid. Choose from eight different colors.

Many people's morning routine starts with a cup of hot coffee, and why shouldn't the coffee cup be one with your logo? This reusable thermos cup can be used again and again, making the likelihood that your logo will be
seen larger.

We can print your logo or motif on the coffee cup with either round printing or silkscreen printing.

When we print with round printing, you can choose up to 4 colors in an area that is 228x73 mm. A good choice if you want a larger print with more colors.

A cheaper solution is silkscreen printing, where you can have 1 color printed on the grip in an area measuring 50x50 mm.


Printing areas of the coffee cups:
Serigrafi vs. Rundtryk

  • Double-walled mug
  • Height: 15.50 cm
  • Diameter: 9.50 cm
  • Weight: 130 grams


  • 350 ml.
  • Reusable
  • Holds hot drinks
  • Screw lid
  • With silicone grip
  • PP plastic (silicone plastic)

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