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Rubik's cube that melts pin

You know that feeling when you stare at a Rubik's cube and it starts to melt?

No? Neither do we, but our 'Melting Rubik's Cube' pin takes puzzles to a new level - the surreal!

It is a fun accessory for those who love life's challenges and mysteries and who have a sense of humor.

Measures 31x23 mm.

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Rubik's cube that melts pin

Our 'Melting Rubik's Cube' pin is an artistic tribute to the challenges and mysteries we face in life.

This pin combines the iconic Rubik's Cube puzzle with a surreal, melting effect to create a visual work of art.

Every detail on this pin is carefully crafted with a focus on aesthetics and expression. It is created to inspire reflection and conversation about the complexity and beauty of life.

Dimensions: 31x23 mm.


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  • 31x23 mm
  • Made in enamel
  • Rubber lock
  • Rubik's pin

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