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San Marino Flag Enamel Pin 19x16mm

A flag pin featuring the flag of San Marino.

The flag consists of two horizontal bands, a white one on top and a light blue one on the bottom, with the country's coat of arms in the center.

The white color symbolizes peace, and the light blue represents freedom.

The flag measures approximately 19x16mm.

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San Marino Flag Enamel Pin 19x16mm

A fine enamel pin featuring the official flag of San Marino.

The current flag of San Marino was adopted on April 6, 1862.

The flag's official proportions are 3:4, with the width of the coat of arms constituting 38 of the flag's length.

A pin with the San Marino flag can serve as a charming souvenir or be worn to show one's affiliation with the country.

It is secured with a butterfly clutch at the back.


  • Fine flag pin
  • Made of enamel
  • 19x16mm

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