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Science, bitch pin - Chemistry flask for laboratory 24x29mm

Nice chemistry pin with a conical flask and the text 'Science, bitch'.

The flask is filled with all the mysteries of the universe and secret chemistry formulas.

For the mad professor or the peaceful chemistry student.

Measures 24x29mm

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Science, bitch pin - Chemistry flask for laboratory 24x29mm

This chemistry flask pin for laboratory is filled with, well, science of course! Science, bitch.

Iconic chemistry flask pin with a quote from Breaking Bad.

You don't have to be a chemical genius to wear this pin, but it helps!

As Jesse would put it: Science, Bitch!

Perfect as a gift for the chemistry teacher or the newly minted professor who has just received his/her title.

Made of enamel with a butterfly clutch.

Dimensions: 24x29mm


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  • Nice as a small gift
  • For the laboratory
  • Made of enamel
  • 24x29mm

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