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Self-Adhesive Memo Pad A7 - 100x75mm

Colorful sticky note pads available in 5 different colors and in 3 different quantities of sheets per pad.

An ingenious way to keep track of notes, shopping lists, or during a brainstorming session. Easy to use and great to have by the keyboard at the workplace or home office.

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Self-Adhesive Memo Pad A7 - 100x75mm

This pad goes by many names: Post-it notes, sticky notes, self-adhesive notes, and memo pad.

Available in 5 different colors and with your own design printed on them!

The yellow post-it is the most popular and well-known color.

They are often used at the workplace, at home on the fridge, in the calendar, or on the bulletin board.

By using different colors, your notes can be color-coordinated - making it easier to keep track of them.

Great for brainstorming, brief information, shopping lists, and organizing.

The memo pad comes in 3 different sizes and can be purchased with varying numbers of sheets.
You can choose between 25, 50, and 100 sheets per pad. They are held together at the top with a thin adhesive edge, which sticks to a new surface when the note is removed from the pad.


Material: blank paper sheets, 80g/m2.

This product is FSC certified


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