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Set of Small Clocks (10 pcs.) - Read and Write the Time

Learn to tell the time with this set featuring 10 small clocks on foil sheets. Includes a field where the time can be written on. Can easily be wiped off using a whiteboard marker. The hands of the clock can be adjusted individually.

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Set of Small Clocks (10 pcs.) - Read and Write the Time

This set offers numerous possibilities. It is well-suited for group activities, allowing students to work in pairs. You can also set the hands and have your student write down the time on the board. Alternatively, you can write a time, and the student sets the clock accordingly.
This way, children can learn to tell time in a more tangible manner, whether independently or in collaboration with others.


  • 10 foil sheets with small clocks
  • Use whiteboard markers for reuse

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