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Sri Lanka flag enamel pin 19x16mm

Nice flag pin with Sri Lanka's colorful flag.

The lion and the maroon background symbolize the Sinhalese, while the golden border and the four leaves represent the concepts of mettā, karuṇā, muditā and upekshā.

The pin measures approx. 19x16mm.

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Sri Lanka flag enamel pin 19x16mm

This enamel pin features the flag of Sri Lanka which is also called the Sinha Flag or the Lion Flag.

It was established as the country's national flag in 1948.

The flag consists of a golden lion holding a Kasthane sword in its right forepaw, on a maroon background with four golden leaves in each corner.

The motif has a golden edge and on the left two vertical stripes appear in blue-green and orange.


  • Nice as a gift or souvenir
  • Made of enamel
  • 19x16mm

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