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Paper Punch Station - Cut Designs for Badges

Cut out your designs into perfect paper circles that fit your badge machine. Available in many sizes.

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Paper Punch Station - Cut Designs for Badges

A great value paper punch. This model is compatible with both our Pro and Multi badge machines.

The punch has a solid weight and remains stable on the table. It is best operated while sitting at a table. We recommend printing and/or drawing the designs, then cutting an A4 paper into 2-3 strips lengthwise to create a row of designs. This way, it only takes a few seconds to punch out the entire row.


There are no sharp edges, and it's almost impossible to pinch your fingers, making a stationary paper cutter especially safe for children to use. When the handle is pressed down, a perfect circle is punched out of the paper, fitting perfectly into the corresponding size of our badge machines.

If you need both a machine and a cutter, we recommend purchasing one of our package deals, where you get both the machine, cutter, and parts. This way, you save a lot of money.

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>> Go to Badge Machine Package - Small MULTI
>> Go to Badge Machine Package - Large MULTI


Note that each punch cuts out in one size only and can handle only one sheet at a time.

The sizes are specified by the size of the badge made with the paper cutout. The actual cutout is a few mm larger than the badge size and varies depending on the size. This cutter is compatible with Badgeland badge machines. It may not fit badge machines from other manufacturers. If in doubt, please email us with a picture of your machine, and we can often determine if it will also fit your machine.



  • Great value for money
  • Quickly cut out designs
  • Suitable for children

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